Welcome Governors!

Dear Governor,

The upcoming Board of Governors Meeting, from May 15 to 21, 2023, provides special cause for celebration as we will be simultaneously marking Israel’s 75th anniversary. To paraphrase a Hebrew saying: It’s a great excuse to party!

Our 2023 program will be rich and varied. We’ll be visiting some of the most innovative labs in the world. We’ll be attending prize ceremonies, inaugurations, symposia and gala events – all beacons for excellence and achievement on both the national and international levels. And for those who sign up early enough, we’ll be taking a tour of unique Israeli destinations featuring TAU’s special “insider” view.

Mostly, we will be acknowledging the tremendous generosity and vision of you, our Governors, who devote so much effort and commitment on behalf of TAU and Israel. Together we’ll toast the successful end – and visible, campus-wide impact – of the $1 billion TAU Global Campaign.

We’re happy to present the 2023 Board of Governors Tentative Program and a link to the website where we invite you to register. Please note the program will have additions and may be subject to change.

Looking forward to hosting you soon in Tel Aviv.
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